First Assembly of God

Springfield Ohio


Our Church History

When your great-grandfather was looking for a Gospel preaching church, he might have considered attending First Assembly of God. Our church has been serving the needs of families in the Springfield, Ohio area since 1927!

First Assembly found its origin in 1927, holding services in a small building on Lagonda Ave. in Springfield, Ohio. It was built through prayers, tears and hard work. It all started because of one woman’s vision, Geneva Matthews.

On June 1, 1928, the first business meeting was held at 1223 Lagonda Ave. with twenty-two members present. The members elected Geneva Matthews from Dayton, Ohio as the first pastor. They chose Elbethel Tabernacle as the name for the new church, and petitioned the Assemblies of God for recognition. R. J. Evans, Secretary of the General Council, responded in a letter dated June 13, 1928 which had 1 John 1:7 as its letterhead, officially recognizing Elbethel Tabernacle as a General Council Church. The church later moved into a regular building at the corner of Belmont and Prospect streets.

Following Geneva Matthews, Rev. Cecil M. Good was called to pastor and served the church until 1935. Following this, the Church called Rev. Victor Gopperton who served the Church faithfully for fourteen years. In April 1943, the church purchased property they had been occupying for the price of $1,825.00. With the purchase of the building, the church name was changed to El Bethel Church of the Assemblies of God.

In April, 1949, Arthur H. Parsons was called as Pastor. In June, 1956, the present location was purchased by the Church. In October, 1958, ground was broken beginning the construction of this building. The building was contracted and put under roof by our contractor, Mr. William Yoder. From there the congregation took over and the entire building was completed inside by our own people. The dedication service of the present sanctuary was held on September 11, 1960. Seventeen years later, the addition of the fellowship hall and classrooms were started and completion was made in 1978.

Pastor Parsons served until 1968 and was followed by Robert A. Curie from 1968-1974; Robert A. Hallquist from 1974-1980; Joseph Hartley from 1980-1987; Thomas Bell from 1987-1992; James Armpriester from 1992-2003; David Frank from 2003-2007; and Bud Rose from 2007-present.

The success and blessing of the past can be attributed to the faithfulness, sacrifice and consecration of the Church’s pastors and congregation.



Read Joshua 18:1 through 21:45

Published: Feb 27, 2017

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled (Joshua 21:45).

From the time God first met with Moses until the people of Israel settled in the Promised Land, God kept every promise He made to that generation. He led them out of the bondage of Egypt, provided for them in the desert, and directed them to a land in which they could dwell.

At times the people grumbled and doubted God’s integrity, but they were proven wrong. He did not leave anything undone that He said He would do.

Just as Israel had to trek across the desert, the follower of Christ today occasionally must traverse seemingly dry and isolated places. During these times, it is necessary to stand on God’s Word. He is still fulfilling His Word today.

God declared to Israel His plans and intentions so they could understand His goodness of heart toward them. Many today doubt God, and some choose to slander Him, but they will be proven wrong.

One day Christ will return. It will be revealed that every good promise of God has been kept. His words do not fail.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, fulfill Your will in my life.

Quicklook: Joshua 21:43–45

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